Check-list São Paulo

Citytour - São Paulo

A special 4h tour visiting the main sites; a true São Paulo experience for those visiting the city for the first time. As a bonus, the visitor can have a feel of the hustle and bustle São Paulo is know for. After all, this is a city that never stops! The tour starts at Avenida Paulista - our Wall St. - where MASP (São Paulo Art Museum) and so many other cultural attractions are located. From there we drive to the historic center, to visit the origins of the Vila de Piratininga: Pátio do Colégio, Praça da Sé with its neogotic cathedral and the central point of the city, Faculdade de Direiro do Largo São Francisco (one of the oldest law schools in the country), Solar da Marquesa de Santos, and Viaduto do Chá and Santa Efigênia (bridges), as well as Theatro Municipal (the theater). Then, for a little relaxation from the urban frenzy, we'll visit Parque do Ibirapuera before returning to the hotel.

Check the historic center

Citytour - Centro Histórico de São Paulo

After a drive from the hotel to the historic center, we will visit the origins of the city. We start this journey visiting Liberdade, the traditional Japanese district in São Paulo. Everything here reminds us of Japan: food, stores, people and even the street lamps. On weekends the visitor can also stroll along its art and craftsmanship open fair (Feira da Liberdade). We'll proceed on foot to Praça da Sé, visiting the imposing neo-Gothic cathedral, continuing to Solar da Marquesa de Santos and Pátio do Colégio, where a Jesuitical settlement marked the basis of today’s city. Depending on the client interest, guided tours to Bovespa (the most important stock exchange in Brazil) and to BM&F (Futures and Commodities exchange) can be scheduled. A few meters ahead is Banespa building, with one of the best panoramic views of the city, and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. We continue walking to Ladeira Porto Geral which leads to R. 25 de Março, one of the most important shopping streets in the city, where hundreds of thousands avid shoppers look for all sorts of trinkets.  Our last stop will be at Largo de São Bento, where every Sunday mass is accompanied by Gregorian Chant, to end our visit crossing the beautiful Viaduto Santa Efigênia and driving back to the hotel.

Optionals: the center of São Paulo is one of the most interesting gastronomy centers in the city, so we have some suggestions as to options for a meal or snack:
Restaurante Samurai, traditional Japanese restaurant in Liberdade.
Café Gerondino, a cafe with many options in the menu.
Mercado Municipal, where you can shop for sorts of fresh produce and enjoy an excellent mortadella sandwich

Check Luz

Citytour - Estação da Luz

The two main train stations in São Paulo, Estação da Luz and Estação Júlio Prestes are perfect examples of the wealth the city experienced during the coffee boom. The former was built with bricks and steel imported from England, and currently houses the modern Museu da Língua Portuguesa (Portuguese Language Museum), while the latter has been transformed into the most modern concert hall in the country, Sala São Paulo. The other attractions in the region are Pinacoteca do Estado (one of the major art museums in Brazil) and the Sacred Art Museum. The traditional Bom Retiro neighborhood, the Jewish district in São Paulo, is known for Rua José Paulino, where many clothes manufacturers and stores are located and for R. São Caetano, known as the "Bride's street". The worker class alley “Vila Operária”, is witness of the city first industrial boom at the beginning of the XX century, finalizes our program.

Check shopping

Citytour - Melhores compras em São Paulo

Checklist drives you in comfort and style to a special shopping tour. You can experience all the sophistication offered by this metropolis. Famous Brazilian and international brands can be found in Jardins, including Rua Oscar Freire and Iguatemi Shopping Mall. You will enjoy four hours of strolling and shopping brands like Dior, Armani, Montblanc and Louis Vuitton among others. You will be picked up at your hotel and have an escort to guide you to the best shops and bargains.

Check culture

Citytour - Cultural

São Paulo is known as an endless source of culture and history. In this 4 hour tour visitors can go to cultural attractions according to their interests or make a circuit of the most important art galleries in town. Some suggestions are: MASP (São Paulo Art Museum) in Avenida Paulista; MAM (Modern Art Museum), Oca and Niemeyer auditorium in Parque do Ibirapuera; MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art); Pinacoteca do Estado; Museu da Língua Portuguesa; and Museu do Futebol.

Check Sampa by night

Citytour - Sampa By Night

São Paulo nightlife is famous worldwide. This city never sleeps. We design a customized program for each visitor, but we suggest opening the evening at a good restaurant and charging the batteries for a night that is still to pick up in excitement. You can visit bars, discos, and shows for all tastes. You can enjoy an unforgettable experience at a roda de “samba or dancing” and hearing the drums at a samba school rehearsal (the real ones that parade in Carnival!). We will be pleased to show you the best the city has to offer.

Football / Soccer

Citytour - Futebol

The national passion of Brazil beats strongly in São Paulo. Football doesn't have to be an adventure. You can just sit back, relax and let Checklist take care of everything so you can experience a good football match in comfort. The tour includes a transfer from the hotel to the stadium, entrance tickets and the transfer from the stadium back to the hotel. Optional assistance of a guide inside the stadium also available (according to the championship calendar).

Check São Paulo of all nations

Citytour - São Paulo de todos os Povos

São Paulo bustling economic power and cultural mix was built by immigrants who came from all over the world. The best place to experience this aspect of the city history is the Immigration Museum. The old Hospedaria do Imigrante tells the story of people who came from different cultures and faraway lands to start a new life in search of opportunities. We will also visit the different districts that are most representative of these immigrants, such as the Italian districts of Brás and Bexiga, the Japanese Liberdade and the Jewish and more recently Korean Bom Retiro neighborhood.

Check São Paulo for the children

Citytour - São Paulo para Crianças

São Paulo offers endless attractions for children. Among the favorite are Instituto Butantan, a research center in which vaccines and antidotes for snake bites are produced; the Zoo and Botanical Garden, where kids can enjoy nature. Nothing can be compared, however, to Zoo Safari, a park where the animals roam freely, a really unforgettable experience for the little ones! The amusement parks Playcenter and Parque da Mônica are also great fun. And to finish the tour, what could be better than a stop for fine burger and fries? The perfect end for a really fun day!

Cultural visit to a coffee farm

Citytour - Tours Personalizados

After leaving the metropolis behing on board of the comfortable Checklist vehicle, we will visit the traditional coffee farm Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Conceição with over 200 years of history. We will visit an organic coffee plantation and watch the rest of the process of making a prime coffee blend: drying, toasting and milling. Other attractions include a visit to the local Coffee Museum, the old slaves barracks, hiking and horse back riding through the farm lands. A traditional farm lunch is optional.

Check Santos historical city center and port

Citytour - Tours Personalizados

Easily accessible in an hour drive from São Paulo going down the mountains to the sea, Santos is a city of more than 450 years of history and is the main port in South America. Its historical city center can be explored on foot or by an old tram ride and is full of history linked to the coffee exports. The main stops in the center are the old railway station, the Coffee Exchange and Monte Serrat sanctuary. The Port Museum installed in early 20th century houses tells us the story of the most important port in coffee handling in the world. Another possibility is visiting the Memorial das Conquistas of Santos FC – the football team Pele has played for many years, not to mention extending the visit to the City Aquarium and other neighboring cities such as Guarujá.

Visit to geological parks

Citytour - Tours Personalizados

São Paulo surroundings also have interesting natural sites such as Varvito Park in Itu and Moutonée Rock Park in nearby Salto. Both rocks are witnesses of 270 million years ago, when this tropical setting was much closer to the Antarctic dominated by ice and glaciers. Combined with this scientic visit guided by a specialized guide, we will also visit Itu and Porto Feliz, city of departure of explorers searching for gold in the Brazilian backcountry of the 17th and 18th centuries know as bandeirantes.

Customized tours

Citytour - Tours Personalizados

Our team has an incredible knowledge of the city and will be pleased to help you create a tour according to your interests and requirements. Please fill out the form found through the online booking link below and we will be glad to send you thrilling suggestions for an enjoyable stay in our city.

Technical inspections

Citytour - Tours Personalizados

São Paulo is the center of technological and economic development in the country and headquarters of most international companies operating in Brazil. According to your main area of interest we can schedule technical visits (subject to confirmation from each company or educational institution).