Find out how your company can benefit from Checklist's services. We have special rates for corporate clients, so you can enjoy the reliability and safety that your company needs and deserves.


Confidentiality and discretion

Confidencialidade e Discrição

You work hard to be competitive. Checklist can help you to be competitive. We consider all transactions with our clients confidential and we do not divulge any information regarding these operations. All members of Checklist’s team sign a contract of confidentiality so that whatever takes place in the car, stays in the car. Our team undergoes regular training and is fully qualified to act according to modern practices of corporate etiquette and discretion.



We understand that your time is precious and we pay close attention to it when we provide our service. Your schedule is carefully checked by our staff and routes are planned in advance to reduce unexpected delays with traffic or unwanted changes in the itinerary. The corporate world is driven by time and your clients can not be expected to wait. If you are late, your competitor may use that for his advantage. To avoisa that, Checklist chauffeurs will arrive before the appointed time. With this procedure we ensure a greater flexibility and tranquility so that you can just focus on your appointments.



Reliability is not something that happens by chance. Your company deserves a safe, efficient and punctual service. Your reputation as well as your company’s could be jeopardized by a poor management of your transportation needs. Checklist uses trained professionals and route planning not to compromise your reliability. We rapidly respond to all concerns of our clients so that each situation can be solved for the mutual benefit of all interested parties.